Who Needs 100 Followers?…

Rachael Phillips
1 min readAug 2, 2022

When I joined Medium, I didn’t think that I could write and actually make money. I thought that I was one of the people that would try and fail.

So far, my suspicions have been correct, however, it wasn’t due to my lack of abilities, it was due to my inconsistency and lack of self-confidence…. along with, you got it, my number of followers!

Although I have been able to pull in a little bit of extra money writing on Medium, my ability to make money has been paused because I don’t have 100 followers and therefore I must find some.

For those of you looking for 100 followers like myself, reach out, let’s help each other and make the world be a better place together!

So, my question to everyone is… who needs 100 followers?… well, the answer to that is

So join me in getting our 100 followers to bring influence to the world through the power of words.